von Witte Association

The Association has vast experience in administrating projects with different state and private companies as well as public sector organisations in the Russian, Middle East as well as EU and Scandinavian arenas. The future business area will embrace Eurasian Land-Bridge countries and areas along the historic Silk Route.

The International von Witte Association and its Count von Witte Research Center soon established in Berlin are international forums of dialogue between the spheres of economy, law, politics, science, society as well as a platform of defining new business possibilities. The main traget of reseacrh is the Witte System - a business model of a modernized international commerce where the railroads are the chief instrument of progress. The Eurasian market is in focus particularly the modernization ot the Eurasian Land-Bridge.

Combining theory and practice in research and business is the best possible way to develop and implement successful projects.

The Association and the Research Center will highlight current topics by arranging symposia, conferences, meetings between acknowledged and recognized researchers and experts. Their aim is to present relevant economical and socio-political issues offering debates of trend-setting and ground-breaking topics as well as thorough studies of the past. more...

The rules of market economy

The Association and the Research Center follow the rules of market economy. In addition to research in the market economy, attention is focused on transition economies and their economic development from the historical perspective. more...