About Us

The von Witte Association and the soon to be established Count Witte Research Centers in Berlin are international forums of dialogue between the spheres of economy, law, politics, science, society as well as a platform of defining new business possibilities.

Combining theory and practice in research and business is the best possible way to develop and implement successful projects.

The Association and the Research Center will highlight current topics by arranging symposia, conferences, meetings between acknowledged and recognized researchers and experts. Their aim is to present relevant economical and socio-political issues offering debates of trend-setting and ground-breaking topics as well as thorough studies of the past.

The rules of market economy

The Association and the Research Center follow the rules of market economy following the principles of law in commerce: We are offering expertise in Commercial Law, Commercial Tax Law, Law of Cooperative Finance, Sale of Goods and Market Law, Company and Banking Law, Intellectual Property and Competition Law and Labour law.

In addition to research in the market economy, attention is focused on transition economies and their economic development from the historical perspective.

International Cooperation

The von Witte Association and the Research Center are committed to fostering the rule of law and democracy, implementing market-economic structures and promoting human rights. By creating worldwide networks to the economic, political and business lobbies there are better possibilities of reaching these goals. The Association’s and Center’s intentions are to participate in shaping economic policy in developing and emerging countries. By training and educating young professionals, the von Witte Association promotes the developing process in social groups.

Economic and business Consulting

Economics and business consulting is the think tank of the von Witte Association and the Center. As 'thinkers and doers', we develop fundamental concepts for the work of our Association and Center and design practical approaches for solving problems in economics and business. Our three teams – EU policy, foreign trade policy and international business policy – cover a wide range of economic issues. We offer knowledge and expertise, develop studies and discussion papers, and organize workshops and expert round tables. Our goal is to rethink economics from the ground up.