Our services

The von Witte organisation provides:

  • Broad knowledge of Russian market
  • Effective intercultural communication
  • Translation and interpreting services
  • Conducting trade correspondence and project administration
  • Planning, tailoring and implementing successfully different multicultural meetings, negotiations and events
  • Special services in various matters relating to development projects financed through European Union funds
  • Knowledge of EU funding, EU legislation, application procedures, partner search and lobbying
  • Knowledge of Middle East markets
  • Languages services in English, Russian, German and Swedish

Solid experience in:

  • Global networking
  • Marketing research
  • Arranging business seminars
  • Delivering lectures and preparing educational materials
  • Providing marketing expertise in negotiations process, proposals and contract preparations, sales promotions and PR happenings
  • Offering language services in legal proceedings: Finnish, English, Russian and Swedish

Expertise in international project work:

  • Project idea and formulation
  • The concept of logical framework
  • Principles of project planning
  • Networking and lobbying
  • Project reporting