Promotion of Peace Treaty with Germany

Witte was promoting a peace treaty with Germany

According to the latest research (State Archive in Moscow, GARF 2003) Witte was in 1915 accused by the Russian government of being a “germanophile”. For this reason he was under constant observation of the Russian secret police. The Tsar was provided proof of Witte’s treason his alledged hopes of returning to power in the form of articles published in foreign newspapers. The French paper “Le Temps” had published an article based on German papers’ claims that Witte was promoting a peace treaty with Germany. However, “Le Temps” concluded that Witte’s ideas had not been widely accepted and according to the “St. Petersburg Courier” there were no plans whatsoever for a peace settlement with Germany. It is true, that there was a small circle of pacifists close to Witte who shared his fears of fighting a developed, industrialized nation like Germany for there was no logical reason for the war - no territorial claims etc. The only result Witte could foresee was the total financial destruction of an agrarian nation, which would not be able to pay the reparations after defeat. Poverty would cause an uprising as the majority of Russians did not approve of the war. For that reason the Berlin press expresses in the well-meaning articles about the project of close Russo-German agreement designed by Count Witte to Kaiser William after his return from Portsmouth. The activities of Count Witte and his travel plans, which he informed through the press has not caused any trouble in Petersburg. In the note, which was published in “Petersburg Courier” it stood that no high ranking person in the Russia government is thinking to start any peace negotiations. These ideas spread by Count Witte, are not going further and stays among those people who are gathered round him.

From the recent secret report, which describes the opinion of the mentioned person on the present situation, he expresses the following “...the civilized world is now experiencing “a hell ” and that’s why, it would be fair if the initiators and supporters of all this mess would also carry the responsibility.”

Referring to the Shiller Institute:

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